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About me

A place for Positive  Energy and Healing with accurate and clear predictions . We all all walk our own paths and along the way we meet others of like minds that can mentor and guide us to a direction of light and healing. 

Many years ago I used to seek out Psychics for their predictions and advice, but when I paid and went to them for their services ...I was finding myself reading them and doing mediumship on them ...I have many friends and clients that are psychics them self ,that have come to trust my advice , predictions, and Chakra services ... Accurate and clear , precise Intuitive  and Angel Guided messages  .  Angel Tarot, oracle , messages  for business, life purpose ,  romance  and relationships. I am a Reiki  Ushi Master Teacher Energy Life Force Healer / Practitioner

My gifts  have been passed down to me by the Divine sources that be and my ancestry Aboriginal  Cree Plains  Native. My mother had insight and amazing gifts to see things and make accurate predictions.